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LAZRAEL LISON – Director, Writer

Having produced and directed five successful feature film projects, a 15 episode comedy series, documentaries, commercials, music videos and a host of other film-related media.  Lison leads the paramount team of imaginative and business savvy film professionals that make up Summer House Pictures.

Lison began writing and directing plays and short films in junior high school, demonstrating an early aptitude for success in the genre that has formed the foundation for his life-long career in film. After attending the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville, Lison eventually relocated to Los Angeles where he has built his independent media support company in the heart of the entertainment industry.  He came out of the gate running, starting his company at age 21 where he began financing, writing and directing a wide range of film-based projects that gained creative notoriety.


Since founding Summer House Pictures, Lison and partner Tatiana Chekhova-Lison has expanded the reach of the company to include production of major motion picture projects, promotional media, brand enhancement and value-based marketing both globally and domestically. His corporate strategy is not only memorable, creative work fashioned by insight and diligence, but has improved bottom line performances for clients and investors. Lison's passions for creating, writing, directing and managing exceptional film projects have established him as an emerging creative leader in the independent film industry.

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